In a world where communication is instant and cultures are colliding as never before, my goal is to provide a visual dialogue between people that encourages, environmental, spiritual and social ideas.

My formal training in art took place at Parsons School of Design in New York in conjunction with a series of jewelry apprenticeships and other workshops, but petroglyphs are what truly shape my philosophy and work. These ancient symbols conveyed universal truths and communicated across diverse cultures. You will discover their influence in the jewelry and encaustic paintings of Schilling Studio.

After founding Schilling Studio Gallery in 2008, I closed the doors of the physical gallery three years later in order to build an online presence, work more nimbly and circumvent geographical constraints. Schilling Studio now exhibits as a pop-up gallery in collaboration with other spaces and galleries.

Schilling Studio is devoted to art that transcends boundaries—in geography, time and culture. Art, for both the artist and the audience, bridges these elements.

—Amy Schilling